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03 TRX 90 pull start rope not returning

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Hi all.

Newbe warning!:icon_ devil:

I just picked up an 03 TRX 90 for my 10 year old. It needs a few things but I was wondering about my pull starter.
The rope stays about 10" out from proper position. I will still start but what is the usual cause?
Sorry but shop manual is on order.

Thank you.
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My son had to learn to start his on his own when he was 8. I'd tell him if he couldn't get it started he couldn't ride. He had to learn when to choke and when not to. He will have days when it won't want to start for him but if he wants to ride he will get it started. But you will have to one day replace the pull rope. When you do where the rope goes into the pull start housing make sure you round over any sharp edges that have been made from the wearing of the rope or you will be replacing the rope again very soon. I had to learn that lesson the hard way LMAO!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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