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03 Recon 250 Reverse shaft will not move

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Alright guys, I've finally broke down and had to ask for help lol. I've search everywhere on here(awesome wealth of knowledge) and elsewhere on the ole internets, used all kinds of different wording and still couldn't come up with anyone having the same issue. So I'd like to get some opinions on the matter.

What I'm running into, is that the reverse lever on the rear of the engine will absolutely positively not budge. I had the rear cover off for another repair, but could not find anything binding, and I have a suspicion this is something extremely stupid that I'm overlooking.
What could possibly cause this reverse shaft to bind?

This is what I'm working with, obviously she was very rough the day i picked it up which is what this picture is, but has come a LONG way and I'm almost done.
When I had the engine on my bench, I took the rear engine cover off to replace the neutral safety switch since I bought it not running. That's literally all I had touched inside besides obviously replacing the gasket. I should've paid more mind to it when I took the engine out, but I do believe this was a pre-existing condition. I've only had one other bike with reverse, which was my 2000 Foreman 450ES and never had one single issue believe it or not.
Thanks in advance for any insight. Back to the parts drawings I go to hopefully get some kind of idea.
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Yep, been through the service manual multiple times and only found info on ithe reverse mechanism parts in relation to other things such as servicing the stator. So that was not enough info. But thanks!

Yeah, it definitely seems internal. Which is the frustrating part because i just got this thing all back together and it runs and shifts sooo good, just no reverse lol.
The cable has seen better days but isn't seized, took a pair of plyers on the cable tab to try and rock it back and fourth a little to attempt to unjam to no avail. Looks like i might have to pop the rear case off again and have another look unfortunately, or just live with it lol

Nope, shes right side out lol.

try tearing a 500 motor apart, back together, in the frame, running, then have to rip that brand new rebuilt motor back out, back apart just to replace a part ? you have it easy.

If i had a dollar for everytime a cheap part held up riding out... lol
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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