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03 rancher 350fm wont charge battery

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Hello, im new here mostly because ive been able to handle my own problems. I just bought a 350 rancher from a friend and the bike didnt charge. Knowing what i know i pulled the voltage regulator off and it was shot! The slot the red wire goes in was broken off so i thought well thats my problem. That didnt fix anything. i can ohm out the yellow wires from the stator and they come back good. Have good ground from green wire. The red wire in the plug looks like it may not be making contact! If i jump the bike off or charge the battery the bike runs fine but still no charge. HELP!!
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Welcome to the forums. Are you sure the battery is good? Did you check the voltage output with a voltmeter while the ATV was running?
Do the following tests. If the charging voltage test shows that it's not charging, do the stator (alternator charging coil) test. If the stator tests good, do the regulator/rectifier wiring harness test. If the the wiring harness test shows good, then the regulator/rectifier is probably the issue.

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thanks guys got my charging problem fixed! it was the connector going into the regulator! helmut thanks for giving me the steps to check everything. i really appreciate it.
You're welcome, glad you got it fixed.
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