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02 Rancher ES not shifting

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Had a big ride yesterday–nine quads–to clean up a section of rugged rangeland–check drainages and fence. the ES has 7000 miles and been working flawlessly for the last three years and suddenly during the ride stopped working. I can manually shift it with the bar and the dash shows gear position no prob. So may need a battery (going on four years old) or possibly the shift motor?
Anyway she’s going in the shop.


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start with a new battery.
New battery and clutch adjusted; purring and clicking like R2D2
good deal. something about the es models, they must have a good battery to work right. i'll never own a es model, way to much trouble with them, manual shift is where I just look on CL's, see how many es models are up for sale, compared to manual shift models.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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