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02 Honda 4trax 350

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Ok guys looking for some help! I recently traded my honda civic for a honda 4trax 350. I know the guy I traded he bought it new. It sat up for a bit but before I got it from him he put on a new carb and fuel pump changed oil put a new battery. I got it and it ran ok for a couple of days woke up and it wouldn't crank so I cleaned carb checked everything I could think of and it ended up being the spark plug I tuned up the carb and it's running great sounds like a new quad. The problem is it seems as though it lost some power. Before in first gear of u hit the gas the front end would pop up and in second and third if u let off and hit the gas you could feel the torque. Now it seems to be significantly less but it sounds a lot better. Any ideas??
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fuel pump oem ?, if it working like it should ?. never seen the front come up on these models , unless your opening throttle wide open, and putting it in gear ?..if so ?..not smart !. these are not a sport atv by a long shot !.
I don’t think these have a fuel pump, but they do have two oil holes:?

Ethan try downloading the service manual for your model; that will be a good start
well..he said fuel pump in first post ^^^..and trx350..we need to know wth he has ??..either he has an old school trx350 that has a fuel pump ?, or he has an early trx350 ranche ?.
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you folks need to post the full MAKE/YEAR/MODEL when making a post !!!. check the vin number to see what you have ??!!.
then you have a trx350 rancher. they dont have fuel pumps :).
is the carb oem ?, or some china junk from ebay or amazon ?. if its china junk ?, then thats where you start !, put the correct carb on it ( oem ), and then we'll see what we got.
prob a china carb ?, yep..choke enrichment valve is not this will cause all kinds of problems .
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