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02 Honda 4trax 350

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Ok guys looking for some help! I recently traded my honda civic for a honda 4trax 350. I know the guy I traded he bought it new. It sat up for a bit but before I got it from him he put on a new carb and fuel pump changed oil put a new battery. I got it and it ran ok for a couple of days woke up and it wouldn't crank so I cleaned carb checked everything I could think of and it ended up being the spark plug I tuned up the carb and it's running great sounds like a new quad. The problem is it seems as though it lost some power. Before in first gear of u hit the gas the front end would pop up and in second and third if u let off and hit the gas you could feel the torque. Now it seems to be significantly less but it sounds a lot better. Any ideas??
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Sorry for being a little vague guys I've only had the quad for 5 days havent really had the time to take it all apart. Its is a 2002 honda 4trax. It came with the original book I was told all of the routine maintenance was done as well as the fuel system was all cleaned out and a new carb. I just assumed it had a fuel pump because my Polaris does and that's the only quad I've ever owned. I know this is not a sport atv I got it for hunting. And no I didn't mean i was popping it into gear to make it pop up. Sitting in first gear at a stop it would pop up because of the torque (there's also a very sturdy welded rack on the back which may play a role and I was on pavement with brand new back tires) but after taking it out today it has definitely lost power somewhere I couldn't get it over 20 mph going up a very small hill or even spin a tire in first gear on sand. The only thing I changed was a spark plug (the same exact one)also has new air filter any ideas? its definantly not pulling a deer out of the swamp the way it sits
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HONDA TRX350TE/FOURTRAX RANCHER 2002* is what it says when u type vin on google but the book just says trx350te fourtrax so that's where the mix up was but anyways not sure on the carb probably a amazon special from the looks but like I said its clean as a whistle and the power was fine the day before. I was told the choke didn't work. the boot going into the carb is stripped and spring isint much of a spring anymore I'm thinking this might have something to do with it? Considering that's the only other thing I touched besides the carb and spark plug.
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