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02 4x2 TRX 350 man shift not working

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Was riding around yesterday in 3rd gear,and tried to shift to 2nd. Shift lever went down, but did not pop back up,and transmission remained in 3rd. Shift lever moves up and down and will stay in either position(up or down). It does not pop back to the middle position as it should. Moving the lever does not change gears so I'm stuck in 3rd. Bike is a 2002 Rancher TRX350 manual shift. I'm a fairly competent backyard mechanic and would appreciate any info or advice. Thanks.
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Thanks for the response. So ignore where the shifter comes out and pull the front cover. OK, I think you are correct, a manual would be nice. Is a factory manual better than say a Chilton or Haynes.
Yep, found the manual on the site,NICE! Lets hope its behind the front cover. I was reading some of the other posts with "similar" problems and standing the quad up on its rear end was a recommendation for ease of disassembly. Seemed to make sense, what say you? Think I'll start tomorrow.
Shadetree, thank you very much, I really appreciate it. In I go, headlooooooong!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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