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'00 Foreman 450 S rear end questions

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Hey guys, new to the site. I bought a '00 450 S a while back that the previous owner said needed a new rear end. Got new ring gear, axle, rear diff bearing kit, axle bearings, and swingarm bearings just to be on the safe side. I'm having a problem getting the pinion out though. I also got the special tool to get the lock nut off but I can't get past the nut that's in the collar around the pinion itself. Any suggestions on how to get this off? The service manual shows a special tool but I can't seem to find it anywhere and it probably costs an arm and a leg anyway. Tried wedging something between the case and pinion but nothing works. Also, when I took off the spacers that go on each side of the ring gear I didn't pay attention to which one went idea about lash etc. I'm starting to think maybe I just need to buy a used one off Ebay and be done with it. Any suggestions? Help is appreciated.
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Both the axle and ring gear were bad. Splines on both were worn down, diff and axle tubes were full of stuff that smelled like nuclear waste. So my question is, after ordering a new axle, new ring gear, bearings and seals for everything behind the seat, how in the heck does the nut holding the pinion come out? Not the funky lock nut, the first one you encounter. Thanks for the replies!
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