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I’ll try to keep this short- we fudged up what was an easy cheap fix :sad

2004 Honda Foreman Rubicon w/hondamatic transmission - oil pump chain came off (and therefore ATV wouldn’t move, comment problem I’ve read) so we opened up the crank case, fixed it and replaced clutch while we were in there. Got it all sealed back up and went to get the “gear shift spindle” back in - oops... guess it wasn’t supposed to come out? It was stuck to cover somehow so bad that when we pulled crankcase cover off (not easy, btw) and it ended up coming with it we figured that was normal. (Newbies, I know.) Well fast forward to now- this sucks. Please tell me there’s a better way to access the circle retainer clip thing and get this rod back in place besides tearing down the entire atv? (Meaning, it’s up for sale if that’s the case- no time to tear it down).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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