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Have a 2001 Honda Rancher 350 4x4. It was running “fine” except for some blue white smoke that was getting worse. I decided to change out rings and valve seals. Rings ended up not working because it has been oversized, so I put them back (original ones). Valve seals have been changed out and valves were lapped. They appear to be seated properly. Put it all back together with new gaskets and it won’t start. It has fuel, spark, just no compression. It was about 125 when started, and now it is about 50. Any idea what the problem may be? Dealer said it could be 180 out of timing but is that a thing on a one cylinder engine? If so, how do I set the timing? It’s all mechanical so I don’t see how timing could be off. It sucks intake and pushes exhaust port.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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