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“Hopping honda rancher”

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My 2015 honda rancher recently got But anyway. When i crank it up it’s idling like it has an aftermarket cam in it or something, and when i put it in gear it does the same thing and starts going by itself because of how its idling. I have never heard of anything like this before but if anyone knows what could be the problem it would be appreciated
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first mistake was letting your kids think it was a boat..and sank it ! I hate to say this, but unless you tear the motor out, split it all the way down, clean it out, and put it back together while replacing bad parts now..such as bearings if need be ?, your just wasting time trying to get it to run. oh.and it helps us to know what the FULL MAKE/YEAR/MODEL IS ?!!..just telling us its a rancher does not cut it. did you not see the header that tells you '' BEFORE POSTING..PLEASE READ ! ?. and welcome to the forums.
Im a little new to this😂... give me a break
I won't tar and feather ya..yet ?! but it takes what..2 secs to read ?. anywayyyyyy..your looking at a complete tear down in order to fix your atv. down load the service manual from our site here, read up, dig in :).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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