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  1. ATV Media
    Little video clip from my cell phone of me hitting a small step-up at the top a hill in a local trail on my Z400. Enjoy. YouTube - Z400 Hillclimb
  2. ATV Media
    Two video's from todays ride. My friend took these on his cell phone, so they maybe be a little shakey. Enjoy. This first one is me on my Z400 hitting a little step-up hill in "Hogsback", one of our local trails. YouTube - Video from My Phone This second one is of me (on my Z) and my other...
  3. ATV Media
    Here is a little video of me doing a couple wheelies at my uncles house over the weekend. First one is all most the whole length of the wheelie strip, and then I pull it up out of the corner and nearly run over my girlfriend at the end, lol. Enjoy. YouTube - Z400 Wheelie
  4. Performance Modifications
    Sorry to post a Zook on the site, but the other site i tried gave me no info, and I figured that someone here might be able to help me.I've got an 04' Z400 that needs a new cam chain. While I have it appart, I was thinking of "fresh-in" her up a little bit with some new cams and a valve spring...
1-4 of 4 Results