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  1. Battery is full, but no power on fourtrax 300 FW

    Honda TRX
    So my Fourtrax just died one day and I thought it was a battery since this has happened a couple time, the regulator is bad and the battery completely dies. So we put in a new battery, nothing happens, no lights nothing. Not even the neutral/oil temp lights come on. However, my winch DOES work...
  2. Fresh battery, good fuses, but no power???

    Honda FourTrax
    So I've been having electrical trouble with this Foutrax 300FW and the regulator is bad. We've gone through 3 batteries in the course of a year, and just yesterday, the last one died. We went to pick up a new one, plugged it in, but when i turn the key, there is NO power to the lights or neutral...
  3. Honda rancher Winch tips

    ATV General Discussion
    Ok so i just bought a winch for my 2002 honda rancher and there is a “accessories plug” or a car plug as i would call it and i have heard that you can just tap into those wires and run your winch off that instead of running all your wires too the battery wich would be a lot of work because there...
  4. Ac to Dc converter failed after a month of use.

    Honda TRX
    1987 trx250x fourtrax A month ago I purchased the “koso” Ac to Dc converter for atv’s. I wanted to go from the stock head lamp running on ac current to a new led head lamp that runs on dc current. I wired everything as I thought it should’ve been and worked perfect for a month no light flutter...
  5. 03 Rincon 650 Wiring/Fuse Block Issue

    Honda Rincon
    I have an 03 Rincon 650 I bought in decently crappy condition and am having electrical problems in the fuse block. All of the contacts inside the fuse block are either corroded or corroded and loose. I have used contact cleaner to clean them and have it where I can turn the ignition and get the...
  6. 300ex starter/solenoid/battery wiring diagram

    Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help
    Anybody able to provide this? Picked up a 95 300ex that had the starter wired wrong and fried all the wiring. Everything is ripped apart and I don't know what goes where nor can find any information about wiring schematics for it. I can take a picture so somebody can tell me wtf to do lol...
  7. 1985 honda trx 125 rewiring help

    Honda TRX
    ok im new to this i need help i need to rewire my 1985 honda trx 125 to get spark but i dont know how some wires are cut/missing i have the cdi,regulator and a coil i only paid $50 for it and it had been sitting for years here's a wiring diagram...
  8. 2004 TRX400FA Fourtrax/Rancher

    Repair & Maintenance
    :frown: Thought I'd start a new thread of my own, just for the specific problems with the Honda ATV's which appear to be prevalant. 1. Code 6 - angle sensor. Many issues with these, replaced mine, problem is gone. 2. Code 12 - shift control motor (or circuit). I replaced the shift control...