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  1. 03 TRX400EX Rear Swingarm Removal HELP

    Repair & Maintenance
    okay, so ive got a new rear swingarm and all pretty much a entire brand new rear end. problem is i cannot for the life of me get my rear swingarm bolt out. ive tried a ton of pb blaster and a bfh, no help. ive even cut the rear half of my swingarm to get more room... ive tried cutting the...
  2. Help with 400ex weird problem!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, any ideas would be greatly appreciated on this. So it started a few months ago, riding with some buddies and my 400ex all of a sudden lost power. Wouldn't fire, wouldn't sputter. Towed it home, and then it fired right up. It continued this pattern for a week or two, ran perfectly for...
  3. 400ex top engine mount wont line up

    Repair & Maintenance
    Bought this 400 that basically just needed the top end rebuilt. Guy started the project but never finished it. So i got to wrap up his project. I was trying to put the top engine mount in and I can not get it to line up. The head cover that he sold with the waud was broken right at the top...
  4. FS: 2001 400EX Parts

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Email with request and offer - entire bike going, plus extra parts. Local Pickup or shipping available with payment. Thanks guys!