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  1. Honda TRX
    I have a 2001 400ex bored to a 440 with a wiesco 12.5:1 forged piston, hot rods crank, stage 1 hot cam, sparks x6 exhaust, sparks edition Keihin 39mm fcr carb. the quad started to bog and high rpms then it got to the point where it would bog/miss and any throttle, I've adjusted my valves...
  2. Performance Modifications
    hey guys looking for a carburetor for my 400ex and I my two opinions are a 04-05 Trx450r carb or a lectron and I was wondering what carb would have a better throttle response? I know the lectron doesn’t have a accelerator pump so I didn’t know how the throttle response would be. Thanks for the help
  3. New Member Introductions
    I'm Pasha I'm 16 and I own a 2004 racing Trx400ex, 2001 BB Suzuki Lt80, and a 2018 Klx140. I have built many (4) Trx400ex's before all to certain degrees of power and budget levels. I'm pretty intelligent when it comes to 400 stuff, and can help with full fledge quad rebuilds (down to the frame)...
  4. Honda TRX
    I have a 2000 trx400ex; the carb needle seems to need adjusting but, there’s only one position on the needle sooo.. any thoughts/suggestions? Bogging down, coming downhill and while level but, not going uphill. Help 😭 please and thank you.
  5. Honda ATV Polls
    So I bought a trx400ex for my first quad in January and it did not have any problems then I changed the carb 3 days ago i went ridding this afternoon and I was going up this small hill in second it died then I tried to turn it back on it did but it won’t go I pulled the clutch and turned off and...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I just got a Niche 440 Big Bore Kit for my 2001 TRX 400EX. I'm having some trouble getting it to idle correctly after jetting. I'll start with modifications made and then go into what I've already done for jetting. Modifications: 440 Big Bore Kit by Niche (the only new part, everything else has...
  7. Repair & Maintenance
    ok... its exactly how it sounds, idk im guessing someone didnt tighten the plug enough, and after a long day of abuse in my back yard, the explotion in the cilinder chamber sent the plug flying out. now the right way to fix this problem is geting a new cilinder head. currently that is...
  8. ATV General Discussion
    I have a Trx400ex I rode it one day and it stoped and the back wheels locked up I have since inspected the head and piston and crank which all seems to be fine it turns over but slowly any suggestions on what it could be
  9. Honda TRX
    good morning I am in search of a downloadable repair manual for a 2006 trx400 ex sport,
  10. Repair & Maintenance
    good morning I am in search of a downloadable repair manual for a 2006 trx400 ex sport,
  11. Repair & Maintenance
    good morning I am in search of a downloadable service repair manual for a 2006 trx 400 ex sport quad,
  12. Performance Modifications
    I only trail ride and I’m looking to get a little more juice out of the 400ex on a bit of a budget, I was thinking of leaving it a stock bore, I have a big gun eco r slip on, and stock everything else, I was thinking of throwing a new stock bore piston in it just to freshen it up for the season...
  13. Repair & Maintenance
    okay, so ive got a new rear swingarm and all pretty much a entire brand new rear end. problem is i cannot for the life of me get my rear swingarm bolt out. ive tried a ton of pb blaster and a bfh, no help. ive even cut the rear half of my swingarm to get more room... ive tried cutting the...
  14. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, any ideas would be greatly appreciated on this. So it started a few months ago, riding with some buddies and my 400ex all of a sudden lost power. Wouldn't fire, wouldn't sputter. Towed it home, and then it fired right up. It continued this pattern for a week or two, ran perfectly for...
  15. Repair & Maintenance
    Bought this 400 that basically just needed the top end rebuilt. Guy started the project but never finished it. So i got to wrap up his project. I was trying to put the top engine mount in and I can not get it to line up. The head cover that he sold with the waud was broken right at the top...
  16. ATV Parts for Sale
    Email with request and offer - entire bike going, plus extra parts. Local Pickup or shipping available with payment. Thanks guys!
1-17 of 17 Results