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  1. ATV General Discussion
    Have a 1993 trx300fw (4x4) that has a rusted out lower frame has anyone used a 2wd frame and cut and welded into a 4x4 if so was there any problems you can across or should it be fine
  2. Honda FourTrax
    I have a ‘97 TRX300FW, and everything on it is in good condition with the exception that the frame is shot. I have been doing a little research (much more to be done) and wasn’t sure what frames were compatible with the ‘97 4x4? Does it need to have a ‘97 frame, or could it be a ‘97-2000 frame...
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guy’s im new here and having trouble finding rear shocks for a 88 trx300fw will any of the newer years match up or is there anything i can do? Any help very appreciated
  4. Honda TRX
    Please HELP I HAVE A 88 TRX300FW!!!! Will the 93-97 or newer rear shocks fit DIRECT TO MY 88 without MODIFICATIONS??????????
  5. New Member Introductions
    Please HELP I HAVE A 88 TRX300FW!!!! Will the 93-97 or newer rear shocks fit DIRECT TO MY 88 without MODIFICATIONS??????????
  6. Repair & Maintenance
    Alright, so I've got a Fourtrax 300 4x4 and decided to change the brakes, only to find the wheel cylinders were completely seized. I decided to do a disc brake conversion kit (SuperATV). Everything went on fine and I bled the brakes and to my surprise, the wheels didn't fit on. I saw on the...
  7. Repair & Maintenance
    A little back story: Last winter I picked up a 1996 trx300fw in what I thought was good condition. Turned out I ended up doing a major overhaul to get it going, including piston, rings, cam chain, etc.... At the time of reassembly I set the "T" and got the two dash lines on the cam sprocket...
  8. Performance Modifications
    Im feeling more and more like the quad is the only stock thing i own and this IS NOT ok with me, so with the holidays coming up i figure its time to buy some ATV toys :D 96 TRX300FW all stock except a plow and HIDs (awaiting install) what can i do to this thing? id like to get a bit more...
  9. Brakes & Suspension
    I just purchased an 1991 4x4 Fourtrax ATV that needs work on the brake system. I am basically replacing most of the parts inside the brake assembly. I was looking for the wheel cylinders specifically and found them for sale at Cheap Cycle Parts. My question is this... I was looking at the...
  10. Repair & Maintenance
    Help me! Help me! I need to replace the front wheel bearings on the kids year 2000 trx300fw. It's a 4 wheel drive model. I bought OEM wheel bearings but believe that they are for a 2 wheel drive model. I bought 4 (sealed) wheel bearings and 2 seals. The schematic the parts guy was looking at...
1-10 of 10 Results