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  1. Rim won't clear the caliper

    Repair & Maintenance
    Alright, so I've got a Fourtrax 300 4x4 and decided to change the brakes, only to find the wheel cylinders were completely seized. I decided to do a disc brake conversion kit (SuperATV). Everything went on fine and I bled the brakes and to my surprise, the wheels didn't fit on. I saw on the...
  2. A timing issue with 1996 TRX300FW

    Repair & Maintenance
    A little back story: Last winter I picked up a 1996 trx300fw in what I thought was good condition. Turned out I ended up doing a major overhaul to get it going, including piston, rings, cam chain, etc.... At the time of reassembly I set the "T" and got the two dash lines on the cam sprocket...
  3. where to start?

    Performance Modifications
    Im feeling more and more like the quad is the only stock thing i own and this IS NOT ok with me, so with the holidays coming up i figure its time to buy some ATV toys :D 96 TRX300FW all stock except a plow and HIDs (awaiting install) what can i do to this thing? id like to get a bit more...
  4. Wheel Cylinders TRX300FW 1991

    Brakes & Suspension
    I just purchased an 1991 4x4 Fourtrax ATV that needs work on the brake system. I am basically replacing most of the parts inside the brake assembly. I was looking for the wheel cylinders specifically and found them for sale at Cheap Cycle Parts. My question is this... I was looking at the...
  5. trx300fw wheel bearing replacement

    Repair & Maintenance
    Help me! Help me! I need to replace the front wheel bearings on the kids year 2000 trx300fw. It's a 4 wheel drive model. I bought OEM wheel bearings but believe that they are for a 2 wheel drive model. I bought 4 (sealed) wheel bearings and 2 seals. The schematic the parts guy was looking at...