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  1. Honda TRX
    So I got this 2001 trx300ex Honda from my buddy , it ran the first couple of days but then it was a hard start , I had to tap the starter with a hammer for it to make any noise . So I tried the electric start which didn’t work , haven’t tried to bump start it yet and also the screwdriver trick...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    I’m new to motor sports and don’t really have experience working with one but I’ve recently bought this 300ex with “clutch problems” thinking it was an easy fix. Turns out that the rods holding the 4 springs is broken. I tried everything in effort to remove it but had no success. It keeps...
  3. Honda TRX
    My quad has been starting this new habit of kicking over on its own as soon as I charge the battery up since it all ready drained the battery and killed it, is a new battery I had just put in. Also the quad is a 1998 Honda trx300ex. Can any one help me with some type of wiring schematic or a...
1-3 of 3 Results