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  1. Need help to stop 2013 TRX400x from backfiring

    ATV General Discussion
    I just got a 2013 TRX400x So I clean the air filter And re-oiled it and went on a ride ,I ran out of fuel (don’t know if that has anything to do with it) and when I got home I put gas in it and Went on another ride, but now it’s backfiring whenever I let off the throttle. So need help to figure...
  2. 2005 Trx450r won’t start!!!

    Honda TRX
    I’ve got a 450r kicker and can’t seem to get any life out of it, it’s get spark, good compression, and plenty of fuel. Every 20 or so kicks it acts like I wants to fire but then nothing happens. I’ve installed new spark plug, coil pack, and cleaned the carb but still nothing. If you know what it...
  3. Honda 2007 TRX500 FE ATV

    Honda TRX
    Hi I am new to this forum... and new to owning a ATV. We purchased a 2007 TRX500 and we love it ! Lately (and as the weather gets warmer) it seems to be running hot on the legs. Is this normal? I am running it at lower speeds and use it to haul a trailer with supplies. How is this machine...
  4. foot shift lever

    Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help
    Hey guys, recently bought a 1989 trx 125 missing the foot shift lever.... the shift rod doesn't have splines and i cant find a lever without splines online. do i just order a splined one and tack weld it or is there a better solution?
  5. 1987 TRX350D

    Honda FourTrax
    Hey y'all new to the forums. I have read so many of these I know my problem I just cannot find a solution. And if at all possible I need this item Literally ASAP. I am supposed to have this bike running by this Sunday. Anyhow, 1987 TRX350D CDI box I have called everyone and everyone says...
  6. 1985 TRX250 Fourtrax One way bearing?

    Repair & Maintenance
    1985 TRX250 Fourtrax: Electric start works fine but kickstart won’t engage, quad won’t move (clutch not engaging) and the clutch adjusting screw (on right side case) doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Would all these issues be 100% caused by a bad one way clutch? Also, the centrifugal clutch...
  7. New Skid Plates (full set) on the Honda - Ricochet Off Road

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello friends, Today I spent a few hours working on our 2007 Honda FourTrax Recon (TM). I went ahead and put a full set of Ricochet Off-Road skids on the machine because the underside takes a beating on the rocky trails here in the southwest. I love the Ricochet plates, and they mounted up...
  8. Wanted:1985 Honda trx125 front plastic assembly

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Need frontend fenders, any condition is fine.
  9. How Big of Bore Can I Go???

    Honda TRX
    I have an 1988 or 9 trx 250r cylinder head jug, its been ported and, ETC But anyway the piston says 3.50 on the top, and the jug is in need of a bore.i know that this way be pushin the limit, but i was wondering how much more can i bore it out to,, WITHOUT re sleeving. THANKS.
  10. Trx200

    Honda TRX
    I see that the tags on this forum dont include the TRX200 can someone tell me why or has no one admitted to owning one?
  11. Having problems

    Honda FourTrax
    I have a trx 200 type 2. It was starting then it would die the instant i gave it any throtle so i cleaned the carb now when i try to start it all it does is make a clicking noise i know its not the battery cause im jump starting it off my truck. any ideas on how i can get it running again would...
  12. 86 250r Leaking oil out case, stumped! help!

    Honda FourTrax
    hi all, new here, but none the less to the question... i have an 86 trx 250r, on the clutch side of the motor oil is seeping out of the top of the seal right behind were the radiator hose enters.... now we assumed the issue was the crank seals had gone bad and due to pressure back up it was...
  13. Problem With 87 Trx 250x

    Honda TRX
    HI i have a 87 250x and i noticed it had been running funny lately. Now it wont start unless its fully choked, it wont idle at all and it will die if i don't keep the throttle way up... i took of and cleaned the air filter and i also tried adusting the idle screw thing... It worked perfectly...
  14. 1987 trx 350 4x4 needs help

    Repair & Maintenance
    Here is my problem with my bike, starts and runs perfect i'll be running down the road and all of a sudden it is like the motor cuts out if i downshift quickly back to neutral it will stay running but if i don't it shuts down. It starts right away then when i put it in gear it stalls, starts...
  15. 700XX project - drag!!!

    Performance Modifications
    So, I have a few friends who have started to drag out their ATVs for racing. So far, 400ex, 450, and Raptor 700 have been tricked out - exhaust kits, rejets, extensions, bore outs, etc. Well, I raced all of these with my STOCK 700XX and smoked all but the Raptor of course, that b**ch. haha...
  16. Help with Atv chain trouble

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 1992 trx 250 x. (same as 300ex) I have stock sprockets on it, and I triple checked that to make sure. I bought the stock chain link size per the manual and tons of internet research. This bike calls for 86 links. However, when I try to put it on, it's a half link to short, and yes I...
  17. Rim Size

    Wheels & Tires
    I Have a rear set of 18x10x9 razr tires and was wondering if anyone knows what size rims will fit them. Thanks.
  18. Good paint?

    Honda TRX
    I want to paint the frame on my quad and try to leave the motor on does any one have any advice on how to do it or what paint to use?:icon_ goofy:
  19. Yellow TRX-400EX Plastics for sale

    ATV Parts for Sale
    I have front and rear yellow Honda trx400ex plastics that came on my 2005 quad. They were briefly/hardly used. They were replaced with a set of black plastics. This doesn't include the side pieces (gas tank area) nor the headlight piece. You can see in the pictures that they literally look...
  20. Exaust

    Honda TRX
    Exhaust Im not gonna lie Im new to the sport atv world always had a 4x4 under me but... i wanna go fast now! and was wondering what everyone thinks is the best exhaust system to go with. 2008 trx 700xx