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  1. ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hello, bought a 1990 Honda TRX300FW which needed a few things replaced. The bike was owned by an ol fella who used it for hauling wood around the yard. I bought 4 Honda ball joints, beat out the old ones on knuckle, tried to put the new oneson but they were too big. I measured both and the old...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    I found an oil leak from my recently purchased Fourtrax. Its leaking at the drain plug. I thought it may have a worn washer on it so I went to the dealer and purchased a new washer. The washer was too small to fit on the drain plug. I verified that the washer was the correct size and part...
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    I bought a EBC clutch kit (friction plates, seperator plates, springs) as my recently purchased quad is slipping gears and is hard to shift. How exactly does this product improve throttle response? I've heard that the stiffer springs will make it harder to shift, would I be better off with...
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    I'm storing my recently purchased Quad at my uncles place and he moved last week and notice a puddle of what he thought was oil under it. What typicall goes out on these. Oil seal? Crankcase gasket? Thanks
  5. Repair & Maintenance
    My uncle's Foutrax is leaking brake fluid. He says he fills up the master cylinder and its empty the next day. What should I look for on this? It is likely a leaky master cylinder or brake line?
  6. Repair & Maintenance
    I changed the oil in my fourtrax with automotive motor oil (before I purchased the manual and learned how the wet clutch and friction modifiers work). I drained the oil and filled it with Honda GN4 and the clutch still slips if under load. Is there a way to "flush" the oil out? I didn't change...
  7. Repair & Maintenance
    I just purchased a carb rebuild kit for my 91 Fourtrax TRX 300 FW and the manual outlines the use of a float level gauge. Is it really necessary to purchase this gauge and measure it. I found the gauge on Ebay for $50, but it seems spendy as the rebuild kit was $20 and I could buy a new carb...
  8. Repair & Maintenance
    TRX 300 FW Front CV Shaft Replacement Hi - I'm going to change both front cv shafts as one is shot and the other has a bad boot. The manual references using a "ball joint puller", I've used one of these a car before, but is it a requirement for this job? Thanks for the help.
  9. Repair & Maintenance
    Hi - I'm helping my uncle work on his 93 fourtrax trx300fw. He is getting a clicking sound from the left front driveshaft (at the front differential). The clicking is worse when turning. The boots have been cracked for about 10 years and he delayed service (until now). Does this ATV have...
  10. Repair & Maintenance
    Hi All - I checked the compression on a quad I recently bought and it is a little low (170 compared to 178 - 206 spec in the manual). Is this anything I should be concerned with? What is the most common cause of poor compression? Overall the quad is in really good shape for 91 and seemed...
1-10 of 10 Results