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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey, I’ve recently just rebuilt the top end of my Suzuki Lt230e quad and have everything put together but it doesn’t run right and doesn’t got out of first gear. It also backfires out of the exhaust and rebuilt my carb a few weeks ago. I don’t know what’s going on and have been working hard but...
  2. ATV Media
    Little video clip from my cell phone of me hitting a small step-up at the top a hill in a local trail on my Z400. Enjoy. YouTube - Z400 Hillclimb
  3. ATV Media
    Just thought It would be nice to start a thread that shows every's multiple machines. And, if anyone wants to look at my photobucket page, here's the link, Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket . Enjoy. Here's mine. GSXR 750, LT-Z400, Rincon 680 From the side.
  4. ATV General Discussion
    Finally got to really hammer my "Z"( Z400) today, and It felt awesome. Although Its not a Honda, I'm sure you sport quad guys can appreiciate just being able to rip around on the "race bikes". Especially after I have been beating on my Rincon all fall and winter like it was a sport quad. The "Z"...
  5. Performance Modifications
    Sorry to post a Zook on the site, but the other site i tried gave me no info, and I figured that someone here might be able to help me.I've got an 04' Z400 that needs a new cam chain. While I have it appart, I was thinking of "fresh-in" her up a little bit with some new cams and a valve spring...
1-5 of 5 Results