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  1. Hillclimb/Jump

    ATV Media
    Little video clip from my cell phone of me hitting a small step-up at the top a hill in a local trail on my Z400. Enjoy. YouTube - Z400 Hillclimb
  2. All Your Rides

    ATV Media
    Just thought It would be nice to start a thread that shows every's multiple machines. And, if anyone wants to look at my photobucket page, here's the link, Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket . Enjoy. Here's mine. GSXR 750, LT-Z400, Rincon 680 From the side.
  3. Busted Out The Sport Quad

    ATV General Discussion
    Finally got to really hammer my "Z"( Z400) today, and It felt awesome. Although Its not a Honda, I'm sure you sport quad guys can appreiciate just being able to rip around on the "race bikes". Especially after I have been beating on my Rincon all fall and winter like it was a sport quad. The "Z"...
  4. 400 Top end

    Performance Modifications
    Sorry to post a Zook on the site, but the other site i tried gave me no info, and I figured that someone here might be able to help me.I've got an 04' Z400 that needs a new cam chain. While I have it appart, I was thinking of "fresh-in" her up a little bit with some new cams and a valve spring...