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starter problem

  1. 02 400ex Starter rotation

    Repair & Maintenance
    What is the proper rotation for the oem starter on an 02 400ex, I think mine is spinning the wrong way...thanks in advance
  2. Replaced Starter now won't start

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 1986 Honda Fourtrax 300. Starter was out so I was using the kick start for a while. I finally bought a new starter and replaced it, now it won't start even with the kick start. Starter spins but never starts bike up. I went back to kick start and still can't get the bike to start...
  3. 1984 TRX 200 Starter Problem

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello All, I have a 1984 Honda TRX200. My electric starter motor runs but only turns the motor occasionally, and briefly. I took the cover off the left side and inspected the starter gears and they look fine. With the cover off, I turned the motor, and the starter gears all operate up to and...