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  1. problems with machine

    ATV General Discussion
    hey everyone came across a neighbour today and he gave me an old suzuki atv for free,i think its from 1983 an seems to be in ok shape,i dont know much about fixing machines. he said it was running two years ago and then he stopped using it an has been sitting ever since. i drained the gas and...
  2. 07 Rincon wont start, no spark. Was in a shallow creek and shut off. Please Help!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey so we were riding my buddies 07 rincon and went to wash off in a shallow creek (maybe a foot and a half deep) and it just shut off. No we have no spark. Any suggestions would be great. Ive removed a few electrical connectors to look but no luck. Ive heard of some sort of shut off sensor or...