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  1. 1987 hinda fourtrax 350

    Honda FourTrax
    Hows it going, new to this forum im generally a Yamaha type guy, but I'm helping a buddy of mine fix his old fourtrax and cannot seem to get this thing to run. So I've already went through a couple of basic tests, compression test gave me 120psi at w.o.t. a spotless carb, disconnected the...
  2. 1985 honda trx 125 rewiring help

    Honda TRX
    ok im new to this i need help i need to rewire my 1985 honda trx 125 to get spark but i dont know how some wires are cut/missing i have the cdi,regulator and a coil i only paid $50 for it and it had been sitting for years here's a wiring diagram...
  3. Hi everybody!

    New Member Introductions
    Im new here feel free to call me Brad. I have a 1987 Trx250x that ive had for about 2 months now. I traded a p.o.s. blazer i bought for 300 bucks for this quad and im proud of it. I also love honda and have owned quite a few bikes and quads made by them. I got this 4 wheeler not running...
  4. Sparking issue TRX 300

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, am a nebie to all this! and seeking a little help. I have aquired a TRX300 year 89, struggling to get fired up, seems to flood pretty easily, the spark plug when out of the head sparks in-frequently and in all directions (and even without earthing against the cylinder casing is this...
  5. 07 Rincon wont start, no spark. Was in a shallow creek and shut off. Please Help!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey so we were riding my buddies 07 rincon and went to wash off in a shallow creek (maybe a foot and a half deep) and it just shut off. No we have no spark. Any suggestions would be great. Ive removed a few electrical connectors to look but no luck. Ive heard of some sort of shut off sensor or...