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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    -Replaced position sensor -Replaced shift/lights/ignition controller on handle bars -checked continuity between gear position sensor and ecu. Everything o Is ok. -disconnected ecu and display showed Neutral. Reconnect ecu, no gear position displayed. Suggestions? Is my ecu shot?
  2. Honda Rancher
    Hi this may have been discussed before but I can’t find a thread for my specific issue. My 2015 420TRXFA5 does not shift properly. When I have it in auto and shift into D it goes straight into 2nd gear then around 12-15 mph it hard shifts into 3rd and then will not shift again. In ESP mode when...
  3. Honda Rancher
    I have a 2009 Rancher auto/es selectable shift. It will shift thru all gears 1-5 and back and will also go in neutral or reverse and back. The problem is that it seems to build up rpms b4 shifting into the next gear, then shifts hard into gear. It also slips out of gear into neutral (not...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have a question regarding an 02 350 es shift issue. Recently while spreading seed and lime my atv quit shifting. I was able to shift manually. Two things I can add: when I restarted the engine, gave throttle while in neutral, the speedometer read 8 mph. Also, after making the trip home from my...
  5. Repair & Maintenance
    I bought a 2020 Rubicon Deluxe almost 2 months ago, about a month ago it started shifting loudly, the next day i was on a trail below my house and i came to a stop on a level spot and the gear display showed a dash and it would not shift instead it began shifting rapidly and it sounded like it...
1-5 of 5 Results