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  1. Honda Rancher
    Has anyone had the problem that I have with my 2007 Honda rancher 420 es? What it does is when I’m trying to shift down it will jump to 1st gear even when I’m in 5 gear and engine and transmission where just rebuilt
  2. Honda FourTrax
    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new on troubleshooting my ATV so the help will be very appreciated. My problem is: When I start my quad everything is normal but as soon as I put the transmission to 1(manual mode) D(automatic mode) or Reverse, the regime of the motor raise enough to make the quad...
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    So I’m having a problem with my electric shift not working. It will shift manually and it runs, but when I try to electric shift, no matter what gear I’m in, the gear one led starts blinking, and I hear a clicking sound. I’ve seen some posts about cleaning and replacing grease in the shift...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Ok so I bought a rancher and now it won’t shift out of neutral. The N light does NOT blink and when you click the up or down gear you and hear the shift motor try and turn. You can also feel it click in you hand if you are touching it. My battery is new. I’ve lost on what to do. Can someone...
  5. Repair & Maintenance
    :frown: Thought I'd start a new thread of my own, just for the specific problems with the Honda ATV's which appear to be prevalant. 1. Code 6 - angle sensor. Many issues with these, replaced mine, problem is gone. 2. Code 12 - shift control motor (or circuit). I replaced the shift control...
1-5 of 5 Results