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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    21 rubicon 520 .5th gear id %€@#¥£.1st to 4th are fine. it goes into 5th but theres nothing but loud grinding noises pops and bangs when it does.almost sounds as if its not fully engaging or a gear/spline is stripped.anyone know whats going on? any one know how these angle/shift sensors...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    The bike has under 100 miles on it. It's the "Mud Pro" and I have some 29.5's on it. Hasn't even been up to the gas-tank yet. When I push the 4x4 button I have no sound from the relays and no 4x4 Indicator light flashing either. I can however get the 4x4 light to flash if I pull the relay then...
1-2 of 2 Results