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  1. 03 Rincon 650 Wiring/Fuse Block Issue

    Honda Rincon
    I have an 03 Rincon 650 I bought in decently crappy condition and am having electrical problems in the fuse block. All of the contacts inside the fuse block are either corroded or corroded and loose. I have used contact cleaner to clean them and have it where I can turn the ignition and get the...
  2. Todays adventure

    ATV Media
    Two video's from todays ride. My friend took these on his cell phone, so they maybe be a little shakey. Enjoy. This first one is me on my Z400 hitting a little step-up hill in "Hogsback", one of our local trails. YouTube - Video from My Phone This second one is of me (on my Z) and my other...
  3. Rincon pictures!!!

    Honda Rincon
    All right, I think its about time that everyone on the site checked out pictures of the baddest machine that Honda makes. Thats right, The Honda Rincon 650's and 680's. So everyone that has a Rincon post your pics. My 07 680 GPScape
  4. Mines and Meadows

    ATV Media
    Here are a few videos from my trip to Mines and Meadows riding area in Wampum, Pa. These videos are at one of the hill climb spots. This video is of me and a few other guys I was riding with. I'm the one on the Rincon. YouTube - Mines And Meadows Hillclimb 1 This one is of my buddy Chad on his...
  5. Riding Today.

    ATV Media
    Little video of me climbin a hill during riding today. I made the hill last year before winter, but only when down it because it was always too slick. Finally dried up a bit and now I'm the first quad to climb it.
  6. Rincon Rim...

    Wheels & Tires
    Does anyone have or know someone or somewhere ( other than ebay) that has a silver stock Honda Rincon rear rim? Mine currently has a hole in it from a railroad rock being wedged between the knuckle and the rim :sad:. Thanks.
  7. new and have a 680 Rincon issue

    Honda Rincon
    have an '07-680 Rincon that is idling high. It is fuel injected and I rode Saturday with no issues. When I started on Sunday morning, could not get it to idle down. When I wuld kill it, it would strain starter a little(had to hit starter 4 or 5 times to get to turn over). When it would start...
  8. ATV Lift Springs

    Brakes & Suspension
    I recently installed a Moto Alliance 3500lb winch on my Honda Rincon and it feels like it bottem out little quicker now. I found some heavier duty "STI Lift Springs" on ebay and they say it will allow which ever end hasd them to carry around 100lbs more than stock. I was wondering if anyone...
  9. 07 Rincon wont start, no spark. Was in a shallow creek and shut off. Please Help!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey so we were riding my buddies 07 rincon and went to wash off in a shallow creek (maybe a foot and a half deep) and it just shut off. No we have no spark. Any suggestions would be great. Ive removed a few electrical connectors to look but no luck. Ive heard of some sort of shut off sensor or...