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  1. New Skid Plates (full set) on the Honda - Ricochet Off Road

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello friends, Today I spent a few hours working on our 2007 Honda FourTrax Recon (TM). I went ahead and put a full set of Ricochet Off-Road skids on the machine because the underside takes a beating on the rocky trails here in the southwest. I love the Ricochet plates, and they mounted up...
  2. recon axle wont come out

    Honda TRX
    Took of tires, hubs, brake drum. Cannot get axle out any ideas. Are there circlips inside in need to take off first? Trying to replace bearings in rear. It's a 2000 recon.:mad::mad:
  3. 99 TRX250 Starting issue

    Honda TRX
    Looking for some friendly advice before I tear into the carb again. My son's 250 was running well, until the battery died. After it sat for 2-3 weeks, we put a new battery in. Now it turns over well, has gas and spark, but will not start. I just cleaned the carb last year, but that probably...
  4. '05 TRX250 Throttle Help

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi everyone, new to the forum. Have an '05 Recon 250 that will idle fine, but sputters when I get on the throttle - just spits out white smoke in intervals. I tried changing the spark plug, but no go. I checked the choke line, no kinks or wear areas, seems to be moving up and down just fine...
  5. 2007 rancher carb problem.. lookin for some advice

    Honda Rancher
    so i have this 2007 rancher that would not start it would crank and not fire.. i sprayed some starting fluid and it would fire right up. I took the carb apart and soaked it and cleaned it then put it back on and it idles perfectly now but there is a problem when i try to give it throttle. It...
  6. Idle will not adjust down

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello I have a 2001 Recon 250. The idle screw will not do anything. I can close it off completely or open it up all the way and there is no change in the idle. It idles at around 2000 rpm unless I pull out the choke. With the choke out about 3/4 of the way it idles fine, but I should not...
  7. broken pull start and electric start

    Repair & Maintenance
    hey yall, this past weekend i was doing some riding down in leitchfeild KY, at royal farm and atv trails. everything was going good for the first day, saturday, then on sunday as we were loading up for another trip, the worst thing happened. when i bought my bike, it was used, the bendix, or...