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  1. Rancher 350 fan wired direct?

    Honda Rancher
    Hi, has anyone wired a fan to a switch on a 2006 350? I can get it to work but the oil temp lights stays on all the time the fan's on. Is there any way to do this without disconnecting the thermosensor?
  2. TRX350TM 2006 dash resets after start

    Honda Rancher
    Hi, I'm new to Honda atv's and looking for info. Everytime I start my atv it resets the dash. I set the clock and the time stays until I start it again. If I use the recoil it's ok but as soon as I hit the starter button it resets. Has anybody come across this? Ciaranie
  3. 2002 honda rancher es top end rebuild

    Repair & Maintenance
    hi, i have a guy doing a top end rebuild to my 02 rancher es. he is boring it out and changing the vale seals. i was wondering, is it a good idea to bore it. i heard alot of bad things about boring the ranchers. it smoked like crazy when i droped it off to him, he said either bore it or replace...
  4. honda rancher es smoking

    Repair & Maintenance
    i have a 2002 honda rancher es with 1900 miles and 280 hours on it. it smokes when i rev it or drive it. it starts up fine and does not tick knock or anything. it runs fine it just smokes when riding/revving. it has plenty of power and everything. i also noticed a little oil in the bottom of the...
  5. 2009 Rancher Seat Help

    Honda Rancher
    Does anyone know where or if you can get an after market seat for a Rancher 420? The stock one is OK for short rides but went to Hatfield and McCoy and by the end of the first day the seat was killing me!:( I have checked everywhere on line I can think of and have not been able to find one. Or...
  6. Honda 420 PC3

    ATV Parts for Sale
    I have a PC3 out of my 07 honda 420 rancher. Nothing wrong with it, selling the atv and PC3 separate. $200 shipped to your door. Located in Woodruff SC
  7. Oil leaking on Rancher

    Repair & Maintenance
    So, I have been reading some of the other posts and am confused. A small amount of oil is leaking from the back of the engine under the air box. I haven't been able to find the exact location but that is the general area. My question is - is this normal or something I should looking further...
  8. 26" tires on 08 Rancher 420 4X4 ok? Swamp Lite any good?

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a 08 Rancher 420 4X4 with stock wheels and tires and like to upgrade to better tires. I am also considering puttin on some after marked fancy wheels. I was wondering if 26" tires would be ok on my ATV without rubbing. Also I have a Viper 3000 winch installed which I am concerned about...
  9. rancher tires

    Wheels & Tires
    ok,heres the son and i both have 350 ranchers and are wondering what tires would be good for all around riding.we want reliability in the mud,but not tires that are very aggressive.we do ride on blacktop some,so something that doesn't wear really bad.thnx in advance,jrowe06 :) (stock...
  10. honda rancher 400 at shift motor problems

    Honda Rancher
    I'm and new here and am having some problems with my 2006 Rancher 400 at. Last summer my control motor shorted and blew the 30 amp fuse. I replaced the motor with a new one. It ran fine for about 1 year and motor shorted out again and blew fuse. I replaced it in June with a new motor. This...
  11. 2003 rancher brake problems

    Brakes & Suspension
    hi,my son is having problems with his brakes.when he pulls in his brake levers or foot pedal,his right front tire will lock up,but his left wont.if any1 can help,plz do! thnx
  12. 350 rancher 4x4 disconect

    ATV General Discussion
    my son has a '03 honda rancher 350,it's a 4 wheel drive,and he is wanting a disconnect to make it so that he can switch it from 2x4 to 4x4.he was wanting to know if its worth it and how well it does. thnx! :)
  13. New here and Hurtin'

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, Glad to be a new member here. I'm a total rookie with forums so I hope I can find replies to this post. Has anyone had this issue with their 2007 Honda 420 Rancher (gear shift is on the floor)? I can start it no problem. It will stay running. As soon as I try to ride it, the oil...
  14. 2005 TRK350 Won't Start...

    Repair & Maintenance
    After my Rancher sat for a while it would not start, all I would hear is the "clicking" of the starter switch located close to the battery. Thinking it was the battery, since it was the original, I replaced it. Still had the same problem, so I replaced the Starter switch, het at $27.00 later...
  15. 01 Rancher Fan not engaging

    Honda FourTrax
    Hello, the fan on my Rancher does not come on, the atv will overheat and shut down instead of the fan coming on and cooling it. wondering if there is a sensor that may be bad, or if it is simply a bad fan, has anyone experienced this?