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  1. oil for 400ex

    Honda TRX
    what oil do you guys recommend for a 400ex as in what brand and what weight oil also how often do you guys change your oil ?? i just had my wheeler serviced at the local Honda shop for its break service and i might have maybe at the most 10 hours on it sense the service 30 hours total and...
  2. 700XX maintenance questions

    Repair & Maintenance
    To maintain the warranty, do you have to have it serviced regularly by Honda? Now on past that, what oil do you guys recommend for peak performance on the 700XX? I need to buy some quick to change out the oil, and will be buying from O'Reilly's, Walmart, or AutoZone. I have a K&N oil filter on...
  3. 300ex oil pump?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok heres the deal i put a stage 2 webcam and hardened rockers in my 300ex and i went riding 2 day or at least tryed. Got aboult a mile away from where we parked the trucks and it started to lose power going down the road then i gave it more gas and it stalled. It starts right up idles fine but...