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  1. Rebuilding my 300ex need advice

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok so im rebuilding my 300ex and i need some advice. Basically i wanna know how hard it would be to make it as fast as say a stock 400ex. Or if i would be better off parting out what i got and saving for a 400? I got alot of money in it already and i would rather build it and make it everything...
  2. 300ex oil pump?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok heres the deal i put a stage 2 webcam and hardened rockers in my 300ex and i went riding 2 day or at least tryed. Got aboult a mile away from where we parked the trucks and it started to lose power going down the road then i gave it more gas and it stalled. It starts right up idles fine but...