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  1. 1991 Honda 250x Jetting

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok, I have a 1991 honda 250x, and i have a cobra megaphone exhaust pipe on it, with a k&N air filter, and it has stock jets in the carb. Now i was wondering what kind of jets to run with it because of the pipe and air filter. And also, it is running rich with th stock jets too...
  2. 300ex jetting(not quite right)

    Performance Modifications
    Alright i got my 300ex going a running good finally and i figured i would have to rejet so my brother had the stock jet out of his 400ex a 148 so just for kicks i put it in just to see how far off it would be. I did a plug check and its not far off. I have good throttle response good when i...
  3. 300ex jetting problem/questions

    Performance Modifications
    I got a 1996 300ex with a k&n w/ outerware and removed airbox lid and a hmf slip on with stock head pipe. Really no other performance mods but i got a 40 pilot with a 130 main in it does that sound correct? Cuz i tryed 2 do a spark plug check but its freezing cold here and almost 2 feet of snow...