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    Honda Rancher
    Hi I've got a 2003 400FA. Hondamatic transmission. When under any strain like climbing a small hill the atv jumps out of gear and grinds for a few seconds until I take the strain off then it goes into gear again, could this be the clutch slipping? Should I try changing the oil and filter first ...
  2. 2003 trx500fa clutch problems

    New Member Introductions
    New to the site. I picked up a 03 Rubicon with the Hondamattic really cheap that had trans problems... "Of course" lol. Took me a few hours to get that fixed, shift motor, angle sensor and resetting the throttle position sensor. Ran fine after that except for smoking and slightly low cylender...
  3. TRX400fa slipping out of gear

    Honda FourTrax
    Hey everyone, First post. My 2004 trx400fa has been slipping out of gear momentarily when I apply anything more than gentle pressure. It happens in both auto and manual. I can hear a spinning/grinding sound when it does it coming from the control motor roughly. Has anyone had similar issues...
  4. Hauling/Engine Braking-Foreman or Rubicon?

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hi all- New to ATVs... Considering either Foreman with manual transmission and foot shifter or Rubicon. Primary use will be work on small hobby farm. Mostly hauling stuff around in a trailer. I also have some steeper hills on the property, so the machine/tranny I pick will be good at keeping...