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  1. 2003 Honda 400ex

    Honda TRX
    Recently bought a 400ex.. battery was zip tied to the battery cage.. went on a rough ride and felt the battery dangling by my leg, ground cable had broken off and once I put it back with the broken peice it didn’t crank no more.. but once I jump the start solenoid it cranks on but my electric...
  2. Towed in reverse

    Honda Rancher
    I have a 2005 Honda Rancher 500 (I think) that a buddy of mine and I took riding on a mountain. Half way up the mountain the four wheeler got stuck in reverse (the electric shift on the steering doesn’t work it has a foot shift) and while trying to get it out of reverse we accidentally broke the...
  3. 02 400ex won’t start popping/backfiring

    Community Help
    Hello new to the forum and new to the Hondas sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but I need help, I recently purchased a 2002 400ex of a guy that could not get it to run. Currently it will only start when throttle is half open and it pops/backfires like crazy I trued full throttle one time...
  4. 300ex starter/solenoid/battery wiring diagram

    Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help
    Anybody able to provide this? Picked up a 95 300ex that had the starter wired wrong and fried all the wiring. Everything is ripped apart and I don't know what goes where nor can find any information about wiring schematics for it. I can take a picture so somebody can tell me wtf to do lol...
  5. 86 trx 350 wont start

    ATV General Discussion
    i have an 86 trx 350 4x4 that i got for $500. I flip atvs for a hobby. im a polaris guy, but got this as part of a deal. atv had sat for a long while outside. it had no spark when i bought it but after going through the wiring harness, i got spark and it fired up. (plenty of connection...
  6. What is it????

    ATV General Discussion
    I just acquired a new bike. Looks to be some type of thrown together bike. Has a Kawasaki frame but a Honda engine. Tried looking up the engine number but cannot find out what size it is. Or what it came from. I need to order parts. Any insight would be appreciated. The engine code is tb01e-3040997
  7. Wanted:1985 Honda trx125 front plastic assembly

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Need frontend fenders, any condition is fine.
  8. 1992 Honda Trx250x Sprockets

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok, i was riding the other day and i heard a clicking noise in my front sprocket and didnt know hwat it was. so i took the chain off to look at it and it seemed loose. i dont know if its suppose to move back and forth like that, could somebody please tell me whats wrong? do i needa new front...
  9. jumping utility?

    ATV General Discussion
    hi i have a honda utility atv iv done some small jumps on it before, how bad is it for the machine if at all to do larger jumps or any jumps at all?
  10. Electric start prob?!?

    Honda FourTrax
    I have a 93 fourtrx and when i bought it 3 weeks the kids got it goin fine. When i got it back to the shop the electric start wasn't working. The battery is holding charge but is not 'ramping' up during my reving. If i try to start it, it does nothin. If i try to start it through connecting the...
  11. Welcome to

    Honda ATV News
    Welcome to - This site was born back in October 2008 to fill the need for an all encompassing Honda ATV forum. The forum was created for Honda owners and enthusiasts to learn, discuss, and share knowledge of their ATV. 9 Years and over 50,000+ members later, we are now one of...
  12. TRX 350FM 4x4 2000-2003 trans issues

    Honda Rancher
    I recently purchased a Rancher 4x4. Not totally sure what year model i have here, but not really relevant anyways. I assume...? Previous owner remarked he had recently put rings in it. Fair enough, atv does'nt smoke, lotta power, 75% runs like its fresh off the assembly line. At initial...
  13. Todays adventure

    ATV Media
    Two video's from todays ride. My friend took these on his cell phone, so they maybe be a little shakey. Enjoy. This first one is me on my Z400 hitting a little step-up hill in "Hogsback", one of our local trails. YouTube - Video from My Phone This second one is of me (on my Z) and my other...
  14. Rincon pictures!!!

    Honda Rincon
    All right, I think its about time that everyone on the site checked out pictures of the baddest machine that Honda makes. Thats right, The Honda Rincon 650's and 680's. So everyone that has a Rincon post your pics. My 07 680 GPScape
  15. All Your Rides

    ATV Media
    Just thought It would be nice to start a thread that shows every's multiple machines. And, if anyone wants to look at my photobucket page, here's the link, Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket . Enjoy. Here's mine. GSXR 750, LT-Z400, Rincon 680 From the side.
  16. 86 250r Leaking oil out case, stumped! help!

    Honda FourTrax
    hi all, new here, but none the less to the question... i have an 86 trx 250r, on the clutch side of the motor oil is seeping out of the top of the seal right behind were the radiator hose enters.... now we assumed the issue was the crank seals had gone bad and due to pressure back up it was...
  17. honda rancher es smoking

    Repair & Maintenance
    i have a 2002 honda rancher es with 1900 miles and 280 hours on it. it smokes when i rev it or drive it. it starts up fine and does not tick knock or anything. it runs fine it just smokes when riding/revving. it has plenty of power and everything. i also noticed a little oil in the bottom of the...
  18. Service Manual 350TRX

    Repair & Maintenance
    I am looking for a service / repair manual for a 1990 Honda 350 TRX ATV ..if anyone can help would be much appreciated. thanks so much Mark
  19. WTB 700XX Parts - also have some to sell!

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Ok, here is my WTB list: Stock 700XX air box lid Stock 700XX front grill Aftermarket header pipe Racing style front fenders 700XX wheelie bar or design instructions And now the WTS list: Stock 700XX foot pegs/heel guards Stock 700XX exhaust/pipe Thanks!
  20. Front Gear case Oil

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey you guys Im trying to change the front gear case oil on my 1998 Honda Fourtrax 300 and I can't figure out how to brake the plug loose? I used an 11mm socket with a ratchet but its too big and a 10mm is to small. Is there a trick to doing this or somethinG?