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  1. HELP... 2008 400ex ignition coil test

    Honda TRX
    How do I test the ignition coil on a 2008 400ex? Just bought one and it's running terrible.. starts up good but when I give it throttle it bogs out bad.. Cleaned the carburetor, the pilot jet was clogged so I replaced it, still bogging down.. It ran for a couple minutes really good then started...
  2. Opinions on my atv options

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hey folks this is my first post. I'm looking to upgrade my atv. I currently just use it to plow snow and put around on some local trails and do some light farm work. I have an 03 Forman S right now w/o a title.. I want to go do some day rides on some atv trails out west in colorado and maybe a...
  3. Honda rancher Winch tips

    ATV General Discussion
    Ok so i just bought a winch for my 2002 honda rancher and there is a “accessories plug” or a car plug as i would call it and i have heard that you can just tap into those wires and run your winch off that instead of running all your wires too the battery wich would be a lot of work because there...
  4. Recently bought 1996-Honda Fourtrax 300 {2x4}. Idle problems and bogging down at 2/4 throttle (solved)

    Honda FourTrax
    Hello everyone I'm very new to the forms. I've never created an account on any form. I have however read many of the discussion topics that have been posted on them and I usually find the solution to my problem. However my problem this time I have not fount the answer for maybe I haven't looked...
  5. 1985 Honda TRX 250 neutral light issue.

    Honda FourTrax
    I started working on this quad trying to figure out why the neutral light would not come on, I read through multiple forums seeing that this was a fairly common issue in these quads and my neutral switch was good and found the issue was something else and wanted to share my experience Incase...
  6. Electrical trouble?

    Honda FourTrax
    I just picked up a 1997 fourtrax 300 got off a friend needed a battery so picked one up from Napa and when hooked up turn key on lights don’t light up or neutral light, and the electric start don’t click when hitting the button will start with kick start oil light flashes when kicking over and...
  7. Trx 90 problem HELP!!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2012 trx 90 that I can’t get to do anything at all! I replaced the starter relay solenoid the neutral switch and the ignition switch still nothing at all not even the green neutral light! The fuse is good and the battery when tested says it has 5.3 volts! Please help don’t want to just...
  8. 400ex shutting done and grinding

    Repair & Maintenance
    ok so basically at first machine did this thing were jut would run and just quit and quit but what we didn’t know is that it want getting oil so it pretty much blew it up and i got a brand new top end professionally done so it was done right and i brought it home and it’s kind of doing the same...
  9. honda fourtrax 350d fuel pump

    Honda ATV News
    so this is now my 3rd time buying a new fuel pump for my bike so it used to do the click sound and i thought that was good and that made the fuel come out but now my 2 day old 3rd fuel pump it won’t pump gas at all the gas is on and everything i need help and what to do all my fuses look good...
  10. Changed 400ex head gasket and motor blew

    Repair & Maintenance
    Needed some thoughts I just changed the head gasket on my 2000 400ex and on my test drive just now the motor locked up and refuses to even turn over,the noise it made sounded liked the cam chain got loose or something. I'm new to this so this was my first go at taking a motor apart. I watched a...
  11. Help with 400ex weird problem!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, any ideas would be greatly appreciated on this. So it started a few months ago, riding with some buddies and my 400ex all of a sudden lost power. Wouldn't fire, wouldn't sputter. Towed it home, and then it fired right up. It continued this pattern for a week or two, ran perfectly for...
  12. Honda 2003 xr100r carb specs

    ATV General Discussion
    I have a 2003 xr100r that run with a super high choke idle and it bogs after 1/4 throttle without choke . I can adjust idle while choke is off but when the choke is on I can’t get idle to lower down no matter what I’ve tried .i know it’s suppose to be a higher idle with choke but I can only let...
  13. 86 Honda Trx 200sx won’t start with button will start with pull

    New Member Introductions
    I’ve got 1986 Honda Trx 200sx that I just bought for 400... when I put the key in and turn it the neutral light does Not turn on. When I start to pull the light will start coming on slightly then after I keep pulling it’ll start up and the neutral light will be on then I can go on about driving...
  14. 2003 Honda 400ex

    Honda TRX
    Recently bought a 400ex.. battery was zip tied to the battery cage.. went on a rough ride and felt the battery dangling by my leg, ground cable had broken off and once I put it back with the broken peice it didn’t crank no more.. but once I jump the start solenoid it cranks on but my electric...
  15. Towed in reverse

    Honda Rancher
    I have a 2005 Honda Rancher 500 (I think) that a buddy of mine and I took riding on a mountain. Half way up the mountain the four wheeler got stuck in reverse (the electric shift on the steering doesn’t work it has a foot shift) and while trying to get it out of reverse we accidentally broke the...
  16. 02 400ex won’t start popping/backfiring

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello new to the forum and new to the Hondas sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but I need help, I recently purchased a 2002 400ex of a guy that could not get it to run. Currently it will only start when throttle is half open and it pops/backfires like crazy I trued full throttle one time...
  17. 300ex starter/solenoid/battery wiring diagram

    Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help
    Anybody able to provide this? Picked up a 95 300ex that had the starter wired wrong and fried all the wiring. Everything is ripped apart and I don't know what goes where nor can find any information about wiring schematics for it. I can take a picture so somebody can tell me wtf to do lol...
  18. 86 trx 350 wont start

    ATV General Discussion
    i have an 86 trx 350 4x4 that i got for $500. I flip atvs for a hobby. im a polaris guy, but got this as part of a deal. atv had sat for a long while outside. it had no spark when i bought it but after going through the wiring harness, i got spark and it fired up. (plenty of connection...
  19. What is it????

    ATV General Discussion
    I just acquired a new bike. Looks to be some type of thrown together bike. Has a Kawasaki frame but a Honda engine. Tried looking up the engine number but cannot find out what size it is. Or what it came from. I need to order parts. Any insight would be appreciated. The engine code is tb01e-3040997