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honda rancher shift problems
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  1. Honda Rancher
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 2007 Honda rancher 420 electric shift, it makes a weird noise when downshifting even from a stand still. It does not do it ever when shifting up. What could this be? Shift motor? Sensor?
  2. Honda Rancher
    Hey guys new here. Having some serious troubles. I go to start my rancher and reverse is 1st gear, neutral is second and so on to where 3rd on the screen is actually 5th. It shifts up fine but won't downshift at all unless you turn it off and rock the bike back and fourth. And also does not...
  3. Honda Rancher
    I have a 2005 Honda Rancher and it was sitting for a little bit not long I jump started it and it starts fine but the electric shift buttons does not put it in gear it goes in gear with foot shift but I ran the code and it said bad ecu I replaced that and it still will not shift I checked all...
1-3 of 3 Results