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  1. Help Installing Drive Shaft on a 86 TRX 350

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi everyone, I have had the drive shaft out of my 300 more than once & never had a problem re-installing it. I'm having difficulty installing one on the 350. When I push I can feel the spring in the front end compress but I still can't get the support bracket for the drive shaft to line up to...
  2. honda fourtrax 350d fuel pump

    Honda ATV News
    so this is now my 3rd time buying a new fuel pump for my bike so it used to do the click sound and i thought that was good and that made the fuel come out but now my 2 day old 3rd fuel pump it won’t pump gas at all the gas is on and everything i need help and what to do all my fuses look good...
  3. 1986 Honda 350 Drive shaft boot

    Repair & Maintenance
    Just need some help does anyone know where i can get a front and rear drive shaft boot?
  4. 2006 honda rancher 350

    Repair & Maintenance
    So I have a Honda rancher 350 and I'm replacing the piston rings I have done this before and I've gone through all of the procedures, every step from Honda to disassemble everything correct finding TDC before taking everything apart. my problem is that the piston its self is stuck and I'm not...
  5. Honda Fourtrax 350d 1986

    Honda FourTrax
    Hello i am having a issue with the carb on my 1986 honda 350d when i try to adjust the idle screw it seems like the throttle is almost half way open to get it to idle properly i have cleaned the whole carb and replaced the air fuel mixture screw seal when i start it up i have to give it about...
  6. 1986 Honda fourtrax 350 ticking sound

    Repair & Maintenance
    hi i have a 1986 Honda Fourtrax 350 there is a ticking sound coming from the engine when i run the bike. I have looked on the internet and people have had the same problem and said it was the cam chain and tentionser. They replaced the tantionser and cam chain. How do i get to the cam chain?