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  1. 300ex sputters at about 3/4 throttle in every gear after I keep accelerating past the sputter it works starts working normal again?

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 1998 TRX 300ex the ATV idels fine and seems to run perfect at low and high rpms but at about 3/4 throttle it sputters in every gear, of I keep throttling down through the sputter eventually it will start to run normal again in higher rpms takes like 2 seconds but runs fine is this a...
  2. 98 Honda Trx300ex Broken Clutch

    Repair & Maintenance
    I’m new to motor sports and don’t really have experience working with one but I’ve recently bought this 300ex with “clutch problems” thinking it was an easy fix. Turns out that the rods holding the 4 springs is broken. I tried everything in effort to remove it but had no success. It keeps...
  3. Honda 300ex Won’t Start

    Performance Modifications
    When i go to start my honda 300ex , I hear the solenoid clicking but it won’t start. Jumping it works but when I jump it and go to take off it dies. So i’m thinking i need a solenoid & something else.
  4. swing arm broke changeing casting HELP!!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    my son has a 1999 honda 300ex and there are 2 hex bolts and when i sent it to the shop they told me the housing was cracked and the old barring casting is shot so i got a new lonestar bearring casting and im haveing trouble finding out how to pull the axles to pull the swing arm and have the arm...
  5. New from KY Valvetrain Question

    New Member Introductions
    Just read through some of the threads and it looks like a lot of people here know what they are talking about, so I decided to join because I have a question i can not find the answer to anywhere. My ATV is a 2004 Honda 300ex i just bought a Wiseco 74.50MM Piston kit which makes the piston .50...