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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    My 300ex would lose spark and regain spark just to lose it again permanantly. It cranks over but doesnt start. I have replaced the cdi box, voltage regulator, stator, pickup coil, and from what i tested i believe the ignition coil through the spark plug cap is good. There is 12 volts getting to...
  2. Honda FourTrax
    Hey, sorry I'm new to this. I'm working on my early to mid 90s 350. It's been sitting up for about a year. I tried cranking it and it was trying to turn over, then nothing. The green neutral light was on, just sounded sluggish. I tried slow charging the battery nothing. Went and replaced the...
  3. Honda TRX
    Bought a 97 trx300ex and rebuilt top end, ran fine; now it gives out when push throttle hard like it’s not getting gas or enough air. Carb has been cleaned/rebuilt, any help is appreciated. thanks in advanced!!!!
  4. Honda TRX
    My 2004 300ex runs great but when I get to 5th gear it spits and sputters runs great other than that is it a simple air screw fix or does it need a different main jet
  5. Honda ATV News
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 1998 Honda 300ex. I rebuild the top end with a new a new pistons and valves to all factory parts. I love the bike but it doesn’t feel like enough. I was thinking of getting a big bore kit(330cc) and some other upgrades. My goal is to completely redo the...
  6. Honda FourTrax
    93 honda 300ex. I need help with tightening my chain because it's loose obviously but I read a forum that said to loosen the allen bolts next to the sprocket so I did that, then I needed to put something that fits the holes that are next to the sprocket also so I used a allen wrench then I...
  7. Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 1998 TRX 300ex the ATV idels fine and seems to run perfect at low and high rpms but at about 3/4 throttle it sputters in every gear, of I keep throttling down through the sputter eventually it will start to run normal again in higher rpms takes like 2 seconds but runs fine is this a...
  8. Repair & Maintenance
    I’m new to motor sports and don’t really have experience working with one but I’ve recently bought this 300ex with “clutch problems” thinking it was an easy fix. Turns out that the rods holding the 4 springs is broken. I tried everything in effort to remove it but had no success. It keeps...
  9. Performance Modifications
    When i go to start my honda 300ex , I hear the solenoid clicking but it won’t start. Jumping it works but when I jump it and go to take off it dies. So i’m thinking i need a solenoid & something else.
  10. Repair & Maintenance
    my son has a 1999 honda 300ex and there are 2 hex bolts and when i sent it to the shop they told me the housing was cracked and the old barring casting is shot so i got a new lonestar bearring casting and im haveing trouble finding out how to pull the axles to pull the swing arm and have the arm...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Just read through some of the threads and it looks like a lot of people here know what they are talking about, so I decided to join because I have a question i can not find the answer to anywhere. My ATV is a 2004 Honda 300ex i just bought a Wiseco 74.50MM Piston kit which makes the piston .50...
1-11 of 11 Results