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  1. Go pro buggy

    99 Honda fourtrax 300
  2. No power after cutting ignition wires

    Honda FourTrax
    Hi, I'm grant. So I got a nice led bar for my Honda fourtrax and cut the red and black ignition wires to wire it in. After that even just splicing the wires back together straight up, there was no power to anything. I don't know if it tripped a reset or something, both pink wired were then cut...
  3. Fourtrax 300 - WELL THIS IS NEW???

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, I recently picked up a fourtrax 300. It was running a week ago. It has compression, it has spark, it has fuel, it has a new plug, and valves are where they need to be. It still won't run. I am at a lost. I don't know what else to check. Can someone PLEASE HELP?
  4. 1998 Honda 300 clutch problem?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys! I have a 1998 Honda fourtrax 300 and a good friend of mine just installed the ebc dirt racer clutch kit a couple weeks ago. I don’t think they are broke in yet I’ve only had time to ride it a few hours since,but when I put it in gear before it’s warmed up it moves by itself and when I...
  5. 91 Fourtrax 4x4 300 Gets one spark only?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey everyone and thanks in advance to anyone helping! I have a 91 300 fourtrax 4x4. went to load it on the trailer the other day and wouldn't start. checked for spark and had none. so i put new plug and same thing. I have a second used CDI and tried that and nothing changes. when ever i try...
  6. 99 Honda Ftrax 300 4x4 Timing

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ill Keep it short. Replacing cam and rockers, think i screwed timing. How do i reset timing ? Pulled jug to inspect piston and sleeve all looks good but piston is not TDC. Parts come in Tuesday. Thanks for any help!
  7. Honda 300 heims for a lift

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    Hey everyone this is my first post but I need a step by step on installing heims for the tie rods and a-arms on a lifted 300. Pictures would be nice.
  8. New member from MS honda 300

    New Member Introductions
    I am a new member to this forum from Mississippi. I currently own a Honda 1994 300 fourtrax.
  9. Buying a 2wd 300

    Repair & Maintenance
    I’m new to the forum but need some help, so I’m going to buy a Honda 300 2wd tomorrow for $750 all it needs is a battery, what’s some common things I should look for before handing over the cash? Anything in particular to look for problem wise? Lastly I’m going to use the 4 wheeler to cross my...
  10. 88 fourtrax 300 4x4 starting/carb/throttle issues

    Honda FourTrax
    Hi, this is my second post here, first one over in the intro section... I’m working on getting my late dad’s fourtrax running. It sat for 12 years. I’ve rebuilt the factory carb. Soaked the carb body, blew out all the passages, installed new jets, replaced the choke cable, new air filter...
  11. Ball Joints on 1990 TRX300FW

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hello, bought a 1990 Honda TRX300FW which needed a few things replaced. The bike was owned by an ol fella who used it for hauling wood around the yard. I bought 4 Honda ball joints, beat out the old ones on knuckle, tried to put the new oneson but they were too big. I measured both and the old...
  12. I just screwed up everything.

    Repair & Maintenance
    I sank my Honda Fourtrax 300 in water and it sucked water all in the engine. Me and my friends have done changed the oil like 5 times and the filter once and its still showing water in the engine?? what else do I need to do to get this thing back to normal :(. My buddy told me to keep changing...
  13. Honda Fourtrax 300 ?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Is it necessary to change the gear case oils?
  14. Honda Fourtrax 300 Brakes

    Brakes & Suspension
    My 1998 Honda Fourtrax, The rear brakes lock up after I use them and I have to ride around for them to unlock. I just had all new brakes put in so I need to know how to adjust them or make them quit doing this.