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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    Hello, I'm new here. Came because I'm looking for some help on an issue I've been having with my rubicons 4wd system. bought it about a month ago and it seems to be in great condition, it has some performance mods (HMF exhaust, larger carb jets, K&N air intake, rad relocate, snorkel, vent lines...
  2. Honda FourTrax
    It’s probably a pretty dumb question but, are both of the one way bearings the same on a Honda frourtrax 250?
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    so whenever I finish riding I'll turn it off and it makes a loud as heck bang noise. also it rattles but doesnt sound like coming from engine more like from back off four weeler. I think it might be a muffler problem as the muffler is in bad shape but I'm not sure
  4. Honda FourTrax
    So I've been having electrical trouble with this Foutrax 300FW and the regulator is bad. We've gone through 3 batteries in the course of a year, and just yesterday, the last one died. We went to pick up a new one, plugged it in, but when i turn the key, there is NO power to the lights or neutral...