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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    I was adjusting the fuel mixture screw on the carb and main fuse suddenly blew. All of the lights work but as soon at the start button is pushed the fuse slowly melts. Followed all the wires up to the ignition switch and there weren’t any wires touching metal or exposed copper. I also took apart...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    TRX350ES Went to clean the carb and ended up buying a cheaper one on Ebay. A knock off one but seems to work well non the less. Starts up right away but 10-20 second later it dies. I come to find out that it blow the 10a Ign fuse. Well i replaced and it continues to do such. (Yes I have read...
  3. Honda Rincon
    I have an 03 Rincon 650 I bought in decently crappy condition and am having electrical problems in the fuse block. All of the contacts inside the fuse block are either corroded or corroded and loose. I have used contact cleaner to clean them and have it where I can turn the ignition and get the...
1-3 of 3 Results