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  1. TRX500 FM

    Honda TRX
    Hi all Just bought a very secondhand TRX500FM for use on our little farm to replace our aged TRX300 and there are a number of niggling issuses I want to fix. Fuel gauge, it flashes. So while looking at something else I pulled the tank covers and there is the tank sensor, OK lets check the...
  2. Rincon no power to fuel pump

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey all. I have an 07 rincon that would die Intermittently and now is just dead. It will frank over done but no power to the fuel pump and you never hear the fuel pump or feel it. I cannot find he fuel pump relay or any reference to its location. It's a brand new fuel pump. btw the bike is a...
  3. ATV Fuel

    Repair & Maintenance
    Just wondering what people are gasing up with?? The book says octane over 86 but are people using the good stuff or just sticking with regular (87 rated)?