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fuel injection

  1. HELP! 2009 Honda Rancher FA WONT START fuel issue

    Repair & Maintenance
    Model: 2009 Honda Rancher FA It will fire right up with starting fluid sprayed into the intake. It seems like it’s not getting fuel. I replaced the fuel petcock and drained/cleaned the fuel tank. The old petcock stem rotted out in the tank and I figured it clogged the fuel lines. Fuel pump...
  2. Crazy High Idle With New Idle Air Control Valve

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello, and thank you for allowing me to join! I found this forum, while trying to locate the answer to the following issue. I have a fuel injected, 2013 Honda Rancher 420. Just put a new idle air control valve in, to deal with a sudden dropping dead problem. Now the idle runs so high, that if...