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  1. 1985 Honda fourtrax 350d starter problem staying engaged

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hello folks, I recently bought a 350d fourtrax an the starter would stay on when button was pushed, well I done some rewiring on the inline fuse an it was working properly. My question is now all a sudden it will engage the starter even if the key is in the off position an will not turn off...
  2. The Fab Fourtrax together again

    The Fab Fourtrax together again

  3. Four wheel drive fourwheeler keeps toeing out.

    Honda FourTrax
    I have a 2002 trx350 4trax, the front right wheel ( if you're sitting on it) keeps toeing out, i have adjusted the tie rod and realigned the tire, but after one ride it has toed out again and pulls severely to the right. What could be wrong with it?
  4. 1986 fourtrax 350 carb rebuild issues

    Honda FourTrax
    i recently tore down, soaked, and rebuilt my carb. after reinstalling, it was flooding horribly. after changing out all the new carb guts back to the old ones and still getting the same result, we pulled the choke mechanism out of the carb and now it idles fine (a little high) but it idles...
  5. 1986 Honda fourtrax 350 ticking sound

    Repair & Maintenance
    hi i have a 1986 Honda Fourtrax 350 there is a ticking sound coming from the engine when i run the bike. I have looked on the internet and people have had the same problem and said it was the cam chain and tentionser. They replaced the tantionser and cam chain. How do i get to the cam chain?
  6. Oil Leek Honda Fourtrax 300

    Repair & Maintenance
    My Fourtrax is leeking oil from the plug, I have done put 2 new plugs on it and it still leeks a little but since I sunk it and I have been having to change the oil, I think its stripped out?! So, do I need to try to rethread it or could i just buy an oversized oil plug?
  7. Honda Fourtrax 300 Brake Noise

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hey, I had a question yesterday about my brakes locking up, so I adjusted the wing nuts and now they're fine. But, they are still making a squeakig noise? So, I oiled the wing nuts but they are still squeaking. Any ideas on what is squeaking and what to do about it?
  8. 1990 trx300 4x4 chirping

    Repair & Maintenance
    My father and I are digging the old quad out of the garage after being parked for the last decade or more. It was put away because of a strange chirping noise coming from the motor. We are not sure if it is the vavle train as it starts right up, and runs like a champ. motor seems to run with...
  9. 300Ex engine swap???

    Performance Modifications
    I have a mid 90's model Honda TRX300EX that needs an engine, I can get a engine from a 1998 Honda Fourtrax 300 4X4. I noticed the 4x4 engine looks alot like the EX engine except it is a shaft driven engine front and rear. It looks like the shaft cover will unbolt and you could change it over to...