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  1. Fourtrax 300 - WELL THIS IS NEW???

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, I recently picked up a fourtrax 300. It was running a week ago. It has compression, it has spark, it has fuel, it has a new plug, and valves are where they need to be. It still won't run. I am at a lost. I don't know what else to check. Can someone PLEASE HELP?
  2. The Fab Fourtrax together again

    The Fab Fourtrax together again

  3. Recently bought 1996-Honda Fourtrax 300 {2x4}. Idle problems and bogging down at 2/4 throttle (solved)

    Honda FourTrax
    Hello everyone I'm very new to the forms. I've never created an account on any form. I have however read many of the discussion topics that have been posted on them and I usually find the solution to my problem. However my problem this time I have not fount the answer for maybe I haven't looked...
  4. Electrical trouble?

    Honda FourTrax
    I just picked up a 1997 fourtrax 300 got off a friend needed a battery so picked one up from Napa and when hooked up turn key on lights don’t light up or neutral light, and the electric start don’t click when hitting the button will start with kick start oil light flashes when kicking over and...
  5. 91 Fourtrax 4x4 300 Gets one spark only?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey everyone and thanks in advance to anyone helping! I have a 91 300 fourtrax 4x4. went to load it on the trailer the other day and wouldn't start. checked for spark and had none. so i put new plug and same thing. I have a second used CDI and tried that and nothing changes. when ever i try...
  6. Rolled, Rescued, Now to Repair

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi all! well as the title implies, I'm having a pretty rough time. I got a 2000 honda fourtrax 300. I ended up rolling in on a mountainous trail a little while back and had to be searched and rescued out. During the roll, the ignition cylinder got busted out into pieces, brake throttles...
  7. Oil in Air Filter

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 1998 Four Trax 300 4x4 (original owner) It has had problems idling, so I've checked a number of items and found a few problems which I've corrected. However, when I checked the air filter it had absorbed some oil. I squeezed the oil out and re-installed the filter and this coupled...
  8. Brake Help???

    Brakes & Suspension
    Im wondering if anyone knows if there is a disc brake conversion kit for the rear brakes on honda 300 fourtrax's?? If so, where can i find it? Im also wondering if anyone has any ideas on keeping water out of the rear brake drum? Thanks for any help..
  9. Honda Fourtrax 300 Brake Noise

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hey, I had a question yesterday about my brakes locking up, so I adjusted the wing nuts and now they're fine. But, they are still making a squeakig noise? So, I oiled the wing nuts but they are still squeaking. Any ideas on what is squeaking and what to do about it?
  10. Honda Fourtrax 300 exhaust

    Repair & Maintenance
    I was reading in Honda owners manual and it said to take the bolt out of the exhaust pipe to get carbon out? Im having a horrible time trying break this bolt loose any ideas?