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  1. Electrical problems with electric start and electric shift on foreman

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 04 450 foreman, tried to take it out for a ride today and the electric start wouldn't work but didn't think much of it because the battery has been dead for a month or two. Used the pull start and it worked fine until i tried to unload it from the trailer the 4x4 green light starts...
  2. ...

    Repair & Maintenance
  3. 1986 trx350 engine noise

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, picked up a 1986 fourtrax 350 the other day and its making a ticking noise from the motor. I have done research and found its probably either the cam chain being over stretched or the valve adjust being off. comparing my sounds to other videos on the internet mine doesnt seem as...
  4. 1986 Honda 350 Drive shaft boot

    Repair & Maintenance
    Just need some help does anyone know where i can get a front and rear drive shaft boot?
  5. Rubicon 500 issues starting

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2005 Rubicon 500, about every other time I go to crank it, it acts like there is a high draw and I have to press again for it to turn over. Battery is brand new and yes I've topped it off with a smart charger. Sometimes it seems like it doesn't have enough juice so I have to pull start...
  6. Foreman 4x4 Hill Climb - Sycamore Creek (Video)

    ATV Media
    Hello friends, This short video is of my friend David climbing a steep/slick hill in the Sycamore Creek riding area in Arizona. Vids never do justice, in person this hill is sketchy. He is loving this foreman.
  7. '15 Foreman 4x4 ES - playing in the creek - VIDEO

    ATV Media
    Hello Honda friends, We rode the Sycamore Creek loop this past Saturday, and my buddy David enjoyed his 2015 Foreman 4x4 ES. I'm impressed how well it did in the terrain we tackled - particularly the rough stuff. Here is a little video of David just goofing around as we arrived back to the...
  8. 2004 TRX450FM Foreman "Display"

    ATV Parts for Sale
    I am looking for a "display" that will fit a 04 450 Foreman. It is the speedometer, oil light, 4x4 indicator etc. "Display Panel". Please let me know if anyone has one for sale via Private Message. Thank-you.
  9. High Compression pistons Pro's/Con's

    Honda FourTrax
    I am needing to bore my cylinder probally .040 and as i was looking at pistons Stock is 8.5:1 and i seen a 9.5:1 and a 10.5:1. has anyone ever had any problems going 9.5:1? i hear that 10.5:1 is very hard on the engine and i would like the extra HP!! but i want it to be a rider and not a...
  10. 06 Foreman ES won't shift into 5th???

    Repair & Maintenance
    Sorry newbie here! Conditions- riding in fourth; 4x4 engaged (Ontario snow & ice); trying to outrun my crazy labrador retriever across the frozen lake....So, I toggle it into 5th... Seemed to go into 5th gear. display confirms 5th gear..yet I start to lose ground on dumb dog because "there is no...
  11. TRX 500 Forman Rebuild

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi guys, First time here. Repairing tranny on 500 foreman. Anyone know if starter pulley bolt is removed clockwise or counterclockwise. Thanks for the help.
  12. Almost went for a Artic Cat...

    Performance Modifications
    Okay so ive got a 04 forenman S and I ride with my brother who has a 07 king quad on 28's and snorkels ect. My other buddy has a 07 Rincon and needless to say its a little tough to compete. That being said my foreman is on a 2" lift with 25" kenda executioners and we ride in nasty mud here in...