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  1. 2004 TRX450FM Foreman "Display"

    ATV Parts for Sale
    I am looking for a "display" that will fit a 04 450 Foreman. It is the speedometer, oil light, 4x4 indicator etc. "Display Panel". Please let me know if anyone has one for sale via Private Message. Thank-you.
  2. High Compression pistons Pro's/Con's

    Honda FourTrax
    I am needing to bore my cylinder probally .040 and as i was looking at pistons Stock is 8.5:1 and i seen a 9.5:1 and a 10.5:1. has anyone ever had any problems going 9.5:1? i hear that 10.5:1 is very hard on the engine and i would like the extra HP!! but i want it to be a rider and not a...
  3. 06 Foreman ES won't shift into 5th???

    Repair & Maintenance
    Sorry newbie here! Conditions- riding in fourth; 4x4 engaged (Ontario snow & ice); trying to outrun my crazy labrador retriever across the frozen lake....So, I toggle it into 5th... Seemed to go into 5th gear. display confirms 5th gear..yet I start to lose ground on dumb dog because "there is no...
  4. TRX 500 Forman Rebuild

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi guys, First time here. Repairing tranny on 500 foreman. Anyone know if starter pulley bolt is removed clockwise or counterclockwise. Thanks for the help.
  5. Almost went for a Artic Cat...

    Performance Modifications
    Okay so ive got a 04 forenman S and I ride with my brother who has a 07 king quad on 28's and snorkels ect. My other buddy has a 07 Rincon and needless to say its a little tough to compete. That being said my foreman is on a 2" lift with 25" kenda executioners and we ride in nasty mud here in...