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foreman 400

  1. 1999 Foreman 400 S

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello. New here. I’ve got a a 99 Foreman 400 turn the key on no neutral light. No starter. No lights. But the green blinking light still blinks on speedometer. Everything was working fine the other day. Took plastics off to clean and service. Hooked up battery to pull it out of garage and...
  2. Speedo pinned when starting / idling

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello, A few months ago when starting my 1996 Honda Foreman 400 I noticed the speedometer would register 45 mph (pinned) and the hours would increase quickly when idling. When putting it in gear and riding the speedometer will bounce back an forth from 0 to 45 mph, and when in Reverse or...