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electrical issues

  1. 1999 Foreman 400 S

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello. New here. I’ve got a a 99 Foreman 400 turn the key on no neutral light. No starter. No lights. But the green blinking light still blinks on speedometer. Everything was working fine the other day. Took plastics off to clean and service. Hooked up battery to pull it out of garage and...
  2. 2007 Honda rancher Trx400 headlight problems

    Repair & Maintenance
    Just picked up a 2007 honda rancher 400 trx with es. I noticed the left headlight was out when I bought it so I bought some new leds to brighten things up a bit. When I switch on the lights,only the right headlights illuminates and when I switch to brights only the left headlight illuminates. I...
  3. Electrical trouble?

    Honda FourTrax
    I just picked up a 1997 fourtrax 300 got off a friend needed a battery so picked one up from Napa and when hooked up turn key on lights don’t light up or neutral light, and the electric start don’t click when hitting the button will start with kick start oil light flashes when kicking over and...
  4. 300ex problem

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello everyone, new to forum but have been reading on here and other forums for weeks for help and info on the issues I am having and still no luck. The bike is 2005 trx300ex I bought for my girl friend to ride. Ran decent when I first got it except previous owner had sprocket welded to output...
  5. 2015 Honda Rubicon

    Repair & Maintenance
    so i have a 2015 honda rubicon 500 and im having some trouble. the main2 fuse keeps blowing everytime i put a new fuse in it blows. the fourwheeler wont crank up and the dash wont turn on and the fuel pump wont turn on but the headlights turn on and so does the brake lights. so what is the main2...
  6. Electrical Power Died Under Power Lines

    Repair & Maintenance
    Yesterday I attempted to start my 2018 Rancher 420 ES directly under the power lines in my backyard. Turned the key on, and the display lit up as normal. Put the ignition switch in the run position, everything seemed fine. Hit the start button, and it cranked for half a second, and then lost...