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  1. 400ex Clutch Cover Stuck?!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi guys I have a 2006 400ex. I’m doing a clutch replacement, and it’s never once been opened up. I have tried everything from hitting it with an impact hammer to a crow bar on the fin, and nothing will take it out. The cover is just stuck. Can I have some help with what to do? Thankyou guys!
  2. 1985 TRX250 Fourtrax One way bearing?

    Repair & Maintenance
    1985 TRX250 Fourtrax: Electric start works fine but kickstart won’t engage, quad won’t move (clutch not engaging) and the clutch adjusting screw (on right side case) doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Would all these issues be 100% caused by a bad one way clutch? Also, the centrifugal clutch...
  3. 2009 420 Rancher AT (TRX420FA)

    Repair & Maintenance
    The 420 goes into gear and engages. But when you give it throttle it starts to move but only makes the bike rock forward. I’ve checked the shift valve and all possible electrical issues. I haven’t tried changing the oil as it appeared to be new. My next move it to obviously change the oil. I...
  4. 02 400EX carb. and clutch

    Repair & Maintenance
    My son has the quad Trying to find out if the swap to the newer style carb works like I've seen. Stock carb is 16100-HN1-013 I believe I've seen one for sale Honda made that's 16100-HN1-A43 says it works on older quad. Anyone seen them? What's a good brand of carb? I Know Honda but looking for...
  5. using shifter for a clutch?

    ATV General Discussion
    hey how hard is it on yur tranny on a 350 rancher to hold down or up on the shifter and rev it up and release it to kinda like use it as a clutch? just wandering cause if that will destroy my tranny fast then i should quit.
  6. 91 TRX 300 FW, Change Clutch

    Repair & Maintenance
    I bought a EBC clutch kit (friction plates, seperator plates, springs) as my recently purchased quad is slipping gears and is hard to shift. How exactly does this product improve throttle response? I've heard that the stiffer springs will make it harder to shift, would I be better off with...
  7. Honda TRX 300 FW, Wrong Oil, Clutch Slip

    Repair & Maintenance
    I changed the oil in my fourtrax with automotive motor oil (before I purchased the manual and learned how the wet clutch and friction modifiers work). I drained the oil and filled it with Honda GN4 and the clutch still slips if under load. Is there a way to "flush" the oil out? I didn't change...
  8. 2007 ex clutch problem

    Honda TRX
    We bought a new 2007 ex from a dealer. After about 5 hours of riding, the clutch went out; perhaps from my son popping the clutch or perhaps a manufacturing issue. The dealer fixed it under warranty. After we got it back, he rode it less than 2 hours and the clutch went again. I took it back...