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clutch problems

  1. New clutch pads and centrifugal slipping! 2000 Honda Recon.

    Repair & Maintenance
    So never used a forum before but I'm stumped on this ATV. I recently rebuilt a 250 engine, new clutch pads and centrifugal clutch. I started with just clutch pads and plates. I soaked them in Oreillys 5w-30 regular oil for a day. Put everything together, filled with castrol 10w-40 motorcycle...
  2. some thing to do with the clutch i think

    Repair & Maintenance
    :funnycat:ok so i have a 2000 trx350fm 4x4 semi auto and it wont sift its stuck in a gear because there is compresion so i know its in a gear still im tearing the clutch aprt as we speak but just wondering what els it might be plz help
  3. new to the game

    Repair & Maintenance
    I just bought a 04 rubicon guy claims the reason it will not go into gear is because it needs a new shift position sensor does that sound right? further could anyone tell me what all the controls do? Buttons, switches and levers?