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  1. Fourtrax 300 - WELL THIS IS NEW???

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, I recently picked up a fourtrax 300. It was running a week ago. It has compression, it has spark, it has fuel, it has a new plug, and valves are where they need to be. It still won't run. I am at a lost. I don't know what else to check. Can someone PLEASE HELP?
  2. Problem: Overheating

    Honda Rancher
    Hey, I am new. I view a 420 rancher 4X2 2011. For two years the tv has a problem when I use it for approx. 2 h. The engine heats up and the ATV star loosing power. Like drowning and I have to turn it off and wait 10 minutes and then it starts working correctly. What is rare is that it doesn t...
  3. 1986 TRX200SX, New CDI fixed spark issue, only to lose spark again.

    Repair & Maintenance
    So recently I purchased a pretty rough 200SX used. Me and my buddy have been working on it for a couple weeks now, the original carburetor was missing a bunch of parts, so I installed a close replacement. For the time we set up a container with a fuel line installed into it for a gas tank...
  4. CDI box for 2004 honda trx350 tm 2wd

    Honda TRX
    Ok, so I bought an 04" trx350 and it ran perfectly fine. It needed valve adjustment and some breaks. About two days later, the cdi went out. It was an HN4 cdi with no wires attached to it. So bought a chinese cdi box on amazon, it arrived. It had wires (green and white) but I didnt attach them...
  5. 300ex cdi

    Performance Modifications
    Looking to upgrade my cdi was wondering about good brands pretty cheap. And does a stock 400ex cdi fit on a 300ex and would that upgrade anything? Thanks!