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bogging down

  1. '02 400ex Bogs down

    Repair & Maintenance
    My husband and I have 400ex that we bought a few months ago and it wants to bog down whenever you go to get on the throttle. It idles fine, he has replaced the Jets, then bought a new carburator all together, CDI Box, coils, all he can think of, and it still doing the same thing. It runs fine...
  2. 350 bogs down with new front cv axles

    Repair & Maintenance
    I just put new front axles into my 4x4 rancher 350 and now my bike won’t ride without taking a ton of throttle to barely move or when i get to going it’ll bog down and die
  3. Bogging down when first hitting the throttle

    Performance Modifications
    I have an 08 400ex that I just upgraded with a Lexx MTe slip on exhaust, K&N powerlid, stage 2 dynojet kit with a half turn out (from stock setting) on the fuel screw and a #40 Pilot jet. My problem is that when I first get on the throttle I'm bogging down for a second or two before it takes...