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bogging down

  1. Honda TRX
    I have a 2000 trx400ex; the carb needle seems to need adjusting but, there’s only one position on the needle sooo.. any thoughts/suggestions? Bogging down, coming downhill and while level but, not going uphill. Help 😭 please and thank you.
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    So I havent rode since I changed fluids....they are all at their respectful levels...I unloaded the quad off the trailer yesterday it barely started.....when I hit the throttle it bogs than throws out whitish smells like its running rich but than at times it seem to get a hint of oil...
  3. ATV General Discussion
    Hey guys I joined the forums in hope to figure out my bog problem. I have a 06 trx450r and I’ve tried everything I can think to do. My quad starts and idles clean, even when stabbing the throttle repeatedly I can get high revs but if I hold the throttle at any point low to high range it bogs and...
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    My husband and I have 400ex that we bought a few months ago and it wants to bog down whenever you go to get on the throttle. It idles fine, he has replaced the Jets, then bought a new carburator all together, CDI Box, coils, all he can think of, and it still doing the same thing. It runs fine...
  5. Repair & Maintenance
    I just put new front axles into my 4x4 rancher 350 and now my bike won’t ride without taking a ton of throttle to barely move or when i get to going it’ll bog down and die
  6. Performance Modifications
    I have an 08 400ex that I just upgraded with a Lexx MTe slip on exhaust, K&N powerlid, stage 2 dynojet kit with a half turn out (from stock setting) on the fuel screw and a #40 Pilot jet. My problem is that when I first get on the throttle I'm bogging down for a second or two before it takes...